Focus areas 

Business Strategy
Operations Strategy
Leading Change
Six Sigma Implementation

Lean Implementation
Kaizen Events
Rapid Problem Solving
Risk Management

Business Value Measurement
Portfolio Value Optimization
Executive Coaching
Employee Satisfaction

Recent Engagements

  • Led a Strategy  Engagement to develop and execute on a operations strategy for a $2B market size region aspiring to double the growth in  3 years.​ (2015) 
  • Designed and delivered a Business Value Measurement Workshop to IT Leaders at a Fortune 50 technology company to help address a critical skill gap. (2015)
  • Advisory support for institutionalizing lean across global data centers in one of the world's fastest growing cloud company. (2015)
  • Peformed and presented a  study to measure the total economic impact of IT investments on a multi-year program designed to provide an unified reporting platform for the worldwide services team. (2015)
  • Led a series of blended workshops (virtual /classroom) with a customized problem solving approach  to improve productivity of the Azure sales workforce. (2015)
  • Built a story-telling artifact for marketing a new technology service offering at a management consulting organization. (2015)

  • Led the strategy planning process to define "SOAP" strategy on a page and business metrics (KPI's) for a management consulting team to align and drive the corporate strategy. (2016)
  • Led a Business Value Measurement workshop for IT Business Program Managers at Microsoft. (2016)
  • Built a portfolio prioritization framework and facilitated a session for the Microsoft's APAC region leadership team in Singapore to help prioritize growth projects in the Asia Pacific Region. (2016)
  • Developed foundational PMO assets / artifacts by collaborating with internal team members and key stakeholder clients for a companywide tranformation program. (2016)
  • Led a portfolio of continuos improvement opportunties for Cloud and Infrastructure services (in progress)
  • Led a strategic alignment workshop for Microsoft's Internal Audit Group to help identify 2017 operational excellence objectives for the team. (2016)